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Nothing comes close to a fun-filled day with the family at a theme park, and experiencing a ride on roller coaster to get your adrenaline pumping. Take a look at these amazing facts about roller coasters all over the world. Book a stay at one of our parks to discover the only remaining coaster of its kind in the UK!

1 – The fastest roller coaster:

The fastest roller coaster, Formula Rossa ride, is located in Abu Dhabi’s Formula One theme park and launches its riders to a top speed of 149 miles per hour.

2 – The tallest roller coaster:

The tallest roller coaster is located in the Six Flags Great Adventure Park, New Jersey. Kingda Ka roller coaster reaches up to a whopping height of 465 feet!

3 – The longest roller coaster:

Japan’s Nagashima Spa Land is home to the longest rollercoaster in the world. The Steel Dragon 2000 has a track which covers 8133 feet.

4 – The highest number of inversions:

Thorpe Park holds the current record for the number of inversions. The ride Colossus has an incredible ten inversions –not for the faint hearted!

5 – The oldest roller coaster:

The oldest roller coaster was built in 1904 in Lakemont Park, Pennsylvania. However, a little bit closer to home, Norfolk to be precise, is home to one of the oldest roller coasters in the UK. The Scenic Railway roller coaster was built in 1932 and has remained operational since.


6 – The largest amount:

Six Flags Magic Mountain in California currently has the highest amount of roller coasters in its park with 19 rides within its park. 

7 – Longest time spent on a roller coaster:

Richard Rodriguez set the world record back in 2012 by riding the ‘Big One’ in Blackpool for 112 consecutive days.

8 – How do roller coasters work:

Many conventional roller coasters do not have any sort of engines, instead, they work by converting potential energy into kinetic energy.

9 – The first steel roller coaster:

In 1959, the first ever steel roller coaster was created. The Matterhorn bobsled roller coaster was built for Disneyland in California.

10 - If all countries were as cold as Russia, roller coasters might not exist:

In the 17th century, Russia froze water over a tall wooden structure to make an ice ramp. Riders used to sit on blocks of wood and ice stuffed with star and slid down the ramp. Apparently, Paris wanted to join in the fun but realised it was impossible because of their warmer climate. However, they decided to add wheels onto the sledges and a track to the ride in 1817, creating the modern roller coaster.

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