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Lots of people will be starting to consider their options for their next holiday, and while people may think we’re slightly biased towards staycations over an overseas holiday, we have some great reasons why spending on a family break (UK-based) is the better than going on an overseas holiday.

We’ve got vast experience in the industry, so have a read of these six reasons why you should opt for a staycation and we’re sure you’ll agree:

Food & Drink

Who doesn’t want to discover and sample some of the finest food in the land? Of course, East Anglia has lots to offer in terms of eateries, and you’re sure to find something that suits all tastes.

The regions of Suffolk and Norfolk are teeming with delights for the foodie, whether it’s the freshly-caught seafood or locally reared meat that takes your fancy, you can bet your bottom dollar that you won’t taste anything better by flying abroad!


Travelling to the Seychelles or one of the Greek Islands is sure to be an enjoyable experience, but when you can get a memorable seascape experience in the UK, why would you want to venture overseas? East Anglia has a fine choice of local beaches close to our parks that are very popular with visitors and locals alike, so why not check out what all the fuss is about?

Less Stress!

We’re sure that everyone, at one time or another has seen that family in the airport dashing about, trying to make the terminal before the gate closes. Maybe you’ve even been that family! But you can remove all of that stress by heading to a staycation destination. Forget the worry of having to arrive at the airport hours before flying, trying to keep the younger members of the family entertained, and then keeping them from getting worked up while flying. This can be a thing of the past when you stay in the UK, after all, who wouldn’t want less stress in their lives? And don’t fret about getting the best exchange rate for foreign currency too!

No Luggage Allowance

Having to watch what you put in the suitcase for fear of exceeding the weight limit can be very infuriating indeed. So, to avoid those annoying fees on check in, pack away to your heart’s content and choose a holiday destination that doesn’t put a restriction on how much you want to take away with you. The sky’s the limit!

Reduced Costs

One of the alluring factors of a staycation is the cost. The savings you can enjoy from selecting a UK break can be high, not to mention the hassle of exchanging currency. What’s good to know is that you won’t be losing out on memorable family moments, there’s plenty to be had here in East Anglia.

Short Break Convenience

If you’ve found a slot in your diary that means you are able to get away for the weekend and fancy a short break, then a staycation is ideal because you can often book last minute, particularly if you book in the off-season and enjoy a long weekend, which can often be just enough to recharge, refresh and spend some precious down time with loved ones. Perfect!