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Spring has sprung, which means that it is time to get out and about once again to make the most of the better weather! If you are heading off one of our short breaks for families, or simply looking for some inspiration on what to do this wonderful season, look no further! We’ve got seven ideas that will keep both you and the kids entertained, filling your spring 2017 with laughter and happy memories that will last a lifetime!

1.     Visit a farm

There is almost no better time to visit a farm than the spring, with all the newborn lambs, beautiful blossoming flowers and the fresh scent of the great outdoors, this is an experience that is both educational and enjoyable for all. Hear the welcoming sounds of the cows out at pasture, and the sheep bleating their days away and enjoy the wonders of nature all around!

2.     Go kayaking or canoeing

Getting outdoors in the spring is an absolute must! A kayaking or canoeing trip offers a fun challenge that will help you to see the world from a whole new view. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced kayaker or a complete beginner; there are lessons available and routes to suit all abilities. Who knows, you might discover your hidden talent whilst on the water!

3.      Compete in a spring Olympics event

We’re not suggesting that you begin training for the next Olympics (unless you really want to), but hosting your own mini Olympics! Get all the family together and invite some friends to compete in your very own set of games. You can include activities such as the 100m egg and spoon race, Olympic limbo and paper plane javelin. Split everyone into teams and create a leaderboard to keep track of who will win the prestigious mini Olympics trophy at the end of the day. This gets everyone moving and enjoying the weather in a fun and fantastic way!

4.     Mini-golf

If the adults like to play a spot of golf every now and then, why not get the kids involved too? Mini-golf takes a little concentration but is sure to get everyone working hard and having fun. With mini-golf courses all over the country, you are never too far from a game. Get your little golfing pro’s practising, and maybe one day they will be the new Tiger Woods!

5.     Picnic

Pack a picnic with all your families favourite sandwiches and treats and head out for an adventure! Take a walk in the local area and wander until you find the perfect picnic spot where you can indulge in your pre-packed lunch. This is a wonderful activity, particularly for any of those on a budget; you can take it to the local gardens, park, and beaches or anywhere else you might fancy!

6.     Host a sandcastle building competition

Rustle up the troops, equip them with buckets and spades, and get them ready for a sandcastle building competition. This is great fun for all the family, and can really get the creative juices flowing! To make it a full day activity, split the competition into rounds for example: 1. Build a castle, 2. Create a sand character, 3. Make an animal. Then you can give each person points for each piece they make. Tally up the scores at the end of the day and announce the winner.

7.     Go Geocaching

Geocaching is a fantastic way to get out and about. This mobile app treasure hunt will have you searching for clues and bubbling with joy when you finally find a pot. With Geocaches hidden all over the world, you are never far away from these sneaky caches. If you can find a good route in your local area, it will keep you entertained for days, weeks, and months!