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Going to the beach with family or friends who are young or old can be demanding, it’s much more than stuffing a swimming costume and a towel in your bag and jumping in the car. With grandparents needing a comfortable chair for the day and a good book, and the kids needing a whole truck load of stuff, it’s no wonder when you get settled on the perfect spot of sand that you’ve realised you’ve forgotten something. While you frantically pack, make packed lunches, wash and dress the kids, load everything in the car, things can all too easily get forgotten. With our handy guide, hopefully the list of the ‘forgotten’ will get a little shorter and the stress levels will stay manageable.


Sun cream

Although the British sunshine doesn’t always seem overbearingly hot, the strength of the rays can be deceptive, especially when you’re outside in it all day. So, as they say, slip, slap and slop it on at regular intervals throughout your visit. And be sure to reapply after a dip in the sea and pop on extra during the hottest hours of 11am-4pm.


Sun protection can also be gained by covering yourself up with UPF protective clothing. With light clothing that protects your skin, it can help prevent burns and sunstroke. Children’s beach wear often has the UPF benefit, so keep an eye out when you’re shopping for their summer gear.



Typically, beaches have a limit to the amount of natural shade spots, so by bringing your own pop-up beach tent, you will have a cool place to sit throughout the whole day. Being in the sun’s rays can be exhausting and if your little ones still like a nap, or get a little grouchy after a long day, the shelter can provide the perfect spot for an afternoon snooze (providing the excitement of the beach doesn’t keep them up). Bring along their favourite toy and a couple of books to encourage them to get a little shut eye.



There are always chip vans and ice cream shacks on beaches, tempting children and adults alike, but the sand to food ratio is usually the same and most of the time, the packed-lunch you make at home is equally as delicious as the enticing shacks on the beach.

Why not make it a little more exciting? Pack in cold pizzas that you all made the night before and some frozen fruit for a cool and refreshing snack; they’re sure to be full enough for the afternoon’s beach adventures!


Blankets and Towels

There’s no real need to bring a towel for everybody, when the suns out, they’ll dry relatively quickly and be ready to be used again. You’re likely to already be carrying a lot of stuff, and you don’t need the extra and unnecessary weight of five or so towels when you can all share a couple.


Blankets are also quite heavy, and do the same job as an old, large duvet cover. A king size is usually plenty big enough for the whole family to sit on, they’re much lighter to carry and do the same job.


What to bring

·      Wet wipes (to de-sand and clean mucky hands)

·      Baby powder (great for de-sanding)

·      Plenty of water and food

·      Towels & duvet cover

·      Sunscreen

·      Swimming costumes

·      Layered clothes (preferably get the kids to wear them)

·      Bucket & spade, Frisbee, bat & ball

·      Beach tent

·      Kids favourite sleep time toy


A day at the beach is a fantastic to way to spend some time with your family while you’re on holiday, the Suffolk coast is breath-taking and should be enjoyed by all who are on their family short breaks UK.