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Could there be any better way to experience the superb surroundings that accompany our weekend breaks for families than spending a day ‘wetting the line’, fishing rod in hand?

Fishing is a fantastic way for all the family to enjoy everything that encompasses a cosy autumn/winter stay here in Norfolk and the surroundings areas. We are lucky to have such appealing natural and unrivalled beauty in this region, so when you can pair this with seeing the faces of your children as they beam from ear to ear after reeling in their first catch of the day, you know your holiday will be an unforgettable one!

We have ‘fished out’ some of the top fishing marks so you don’t have to:

Aldeby Hall Fruit Farm

Aldeby Hall Fruit Farm is our first spot for you to check out. Located near Beccles in Suffolk, the fishery is made up of four fishing lakes that have been specially populated with a variety of coarse fish, featuring species such as Carp, Perch, Roach, among others.

The ponds have been named so that you know the one you might be most interested in casting out on before you get there. The ponds have been netted and rearranged with the large carp living in Otter Lake.

Set yourself up at Bridge Lake and you’ll be immersing yourself in a match orientated venue with silver fish taking centre-stage alongside a host of small carp. Take a pew at Crossing Water Lake and you can expect (if you’re lucky enough) to hook a mixed bag. If you fancy daring the cold nights then you can go night fishing here, but this must be made by arrangement in advance.

You can find Aldeby Hall Fruit Farm at: Beccles, NR34 0AJ, Suffolk, United Kingdom

To find out more about Aldeby Hall Fruit Farm by calling: 01502 677363 or 07799 767216

Airfield Lakes

Located near to the Waveney Valley in the region of mesmerising South Norfolk, Airfield Lakes fishery offers visitors some spectacular carp.

The fishery is situated on private farmland which sits opposite an old World War II airdrome, and if you time it right, you could be treated to one of the annual air shows that take place here. This fishery consists of two lakes, the first being the Spitfire Pool and the other is Mustang. Spitfire is the bigger sibling of the two, and has existed for some five decades! Mustang, on the other hand, was added to Airfield Lakes in 2008.

Spitfire Lake is stocked up with carp weighing in - at their largest - at 48.4lb. Local information has spread that there are even a number of un-caught species living in the lake, which adds to the allure of this mark! Mustang’s options give you hand-picked quality carp, and with more than 200 carp in this particular lake, and the fact that the lake’s been specially designed and constructed for the enjoyment of anglers, you could well be in for a fun time with the rod!

Find Airfield Lakes, here: New Lodge Farm, Dickleburgh, Diss, Norfolk, IP21 4PH, United Kingdom

Akenham Lakes

Last but by no means least on our list is Akenham Lakes, found just off of Henley Road by the Chives Montessori school.

These lakes at Akenham are teaming with various varieties of fish, each containing a mixture of species, such as Bream, Carp, Crucian Carp, Roach and Tench. One of the lakes, found closest to the car park is known, rather temptingly, to hold some large carp. The question is whether you can hook one or not.

You can find Akenham Lakes here: Henley Road, Akenham, Suffolk, United Kingdom

Further directions to find the lakes can be found here: After the Chives Montessori school, you’ll find the lakes just off the A1214 Valley Road on the outskirts of Ipswich.