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The holiday season, for some people, is over, but as far as we’re concerned, they couldn’t be more wrong! Autumn offers staycationers a different type of holiday to the sunseekers, but is equally appealing for reasons that differ from the summer months.

We’ve put together just a handful of reasons why an autumnal UK break is sure to be a memorable one:

·         Autumn holidays usually present holidaymakers with a less costly break, whether that be for the cost of local attractions and amenities or the cost of accommodation. Due to it being outside of the peak season, you’ll have a little extra spending money to splash out during your holidays. And there’s always the possibility that you could even go on a longer break as a result (doesn’t sound too bad, does it?).

·         As we’re sure you’re aware, summer season is the peak holiday period, which results in most places worth visiting being crammed with like-minded tourists, making for a little more stressful holiday than anticipated. However, choose to go on vacation during the autumn and you’re set to avoid the crowds and get the best of all the attractions without the high numbers of tourists.

·         With the area not being filled with so many people, you can have an experience that is closer to that of the locals, allowing you to fully indulge in the daily happenings of the area. The calmness is unrivalled and being able to feel like you’re in a home from home is a feeling that you won’t want to go away. You’ll be able to source out the non-mainstream restaurants, with the independent ones often offering a heightened dining experience, for example.

·         So the summer’s over, but if you book an autumn break then you have something that you can look forward to as a way of avoiding those summer blues. We all deserve a relaxing getaway, and visitors on our spa breaks for two, among others will be able to vouch for this!

·         Whether you’re a fan of the cooler temperatures that autumn brings or not, there’s simply no denying that the colours of nature and the crisp sunny days are to be enjoyed too! The leaves turning from greens to oranges and browns has something therapeutic about it and Norfolk is particularly attractive on the eye in the autumn, so why miss out?

Norfolk is wonderful destination to enjoy your staycation no matter the season, so why not take a look today and book a getaway that you’ll remember forever?