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Ipswich is the cultural hub of Suffolk because of its abundance of attractions within the town, from the theatre and music to the shopping, food and much more, a day trip to the vibrant and interesting area must be included on your holiday! As one of the oldest continually habited towns in England, the streets and surrounding countryside are steeped in history, and not only will a visit be a great day out, you will also discover fascinating facts, stories and insight into the past.



There is a rich architectural history within Ipswich, with buildings from various periods in history located around the area. While you are just strolling around the town, you are highly likely to stumble upon something unusual and exciting, from timber-framed structures to Elizabethan styles, and not forgetting the imposing modern architecture too! A couple of firm favourites amongst visitors are the Ipswich town hall and the University of Suffolk’s Waterfront Building. The town hall was built in 1878, and the classic Victorian fascia has been maintained to this day. The eye-catching building is situated in the heart of the town and is open to the public for viewing, both inside and out. There are regularly changing art exhibitions and a café within the building, which is perfect for your well-earned break. For your modern architecture fix, the Waterfront Building is a remarkable structure which was opened in 2008, the curves and contrasting colours attract visitors to the town every year.



With a selection of theatres, cinemas and other cultural hubs in Ipswich, there is going to be a show or performance suitable for all interests within your holiday group. Whether you choose to pop in the Corn Exchange for a film or the Ipswich Regent Theatre for a live show, a night out spent in the town is guaranteed to be one to remember.


River Orwell

Ipswich has the added benefit of being carved by the stunning River Orwell. As a town by the water, there is always a tranquil and beautiful spot to sit and enjoy the view.


Food and Drink

Ipswich has a wide range of restaurants, cafes and pubs, all offering something unique to the town and its visitors. Ranging from traditional full-English breakfasts to fine dining, the selection is wide and varied. For an intimate and one-off experience, the Allen Gardiner is a restaurant on the River Orwell, which offers brunch, lunch and dinner to a maximum of 12 guests. Your meal will not only be delicious, but you get to enjoy a stunning and ever-changing scenery as you travel along the estuary. 

The Suffolk Food Hall is celebrated amongst locals and visitors alike, for the abundance of quality, fresh and artisan food and drink products available. With a range of stalls, including a butcher, delicatessen, fishmonger, baker, chocolatier and alcohol merchant, you will receive a friendly and knowledgeable service from experienced stall keepers.


Walking Tour

Enjoy the great outdoors and the range of sights on offer around Ipswich by taking a walking tour of the town. There is a great selection of routes to take, all ranging in length. With group tours or a tour guide, a more personal option of your family, you can learn more about this exciting and beautiful town on your two feet.   


History – Sutton Hoo

For an atmospheric and enriching experience, a trip to the Sutton Hoo, just outside of Ipswich, should be included in your itinerary. With informative guided tours and an enlightening visitor centre, the mystery of the Anglo-Saxon life will be revealed. At the site, there are 18 royal burial mounds which date to the 17th-century AD, all the treasures found at the site have been distributed to various museums across the world, with a few fine examples presented for viewing in the exhibit.


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