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Gardens are a relaxing and calming space to be in, which is the exact mind-set many of us desire while we’re on our family short breaks UK. They’re inviting and encourage you to fully relax as you explore, while you take the time to enjoy the stunning surroundings and displays from nature. Gardens are perfect at any time of the year and are always worth a visit, as they are constantly evolving, growing and changing. Each season brings a different array of vibrant and varying colours. There is a variety of charming gardens that are open to the public in Lincolnshire, some elegant and grand, others more understated, yet all holding fascinations and interest to people of all ages.


Doddington Hall

The gardens of Doddington Hall are equally as impressive and breath-taking as the hall itself. Set in five acres, there is a range of plant life to be seen, from ancient trees to well established flower beds, it is attractive and intriguing, offering a visual delight at each turn.


Not only are the gardens a joy to wander through, there are also several paths for a walk around the grounds, all ranging in length and challenge. Each one highlights and displays different areas of the estate. You may want to explore the nature trail which passes through the ancient woodland, to discover and search for the wildlife and wild flowers. Or, the avenue walk takes you on a journey around the hall, allowing you to enjoy the stunning sights of the building and the garden combined. The circular walk is the longest of the routes and takes you through wild meadows, bursting hedges and on to remote and quiet countryside public footpaths.


Goltho Gardens

A four-and-a-half-acre garden may seem relatively small in comparison to the other grand gardens in the area, but the magnificent haven of Goltho Gardens offers interest at every turn. The thought-out design provides a pleasurable path, with varying textures, contrasting colours, unusual and fascinating plants.


Grimsthorpe Castle

The foundations of Grimthorpe Castle gardens have been in place and cared for since the 1500’s, and are still to this day changing and evolving. The elaborate designs and formal style make for a visually pleasing day. From flowers, woodlands, orchards to topiary, there are many decorative and elegant elements to the grounds. The 20-acres of lawn allows you to get lost amongst the historical setting to truly enjoy your surroundings and the tranquillity it brings.


The estate also has several trails, all of which are worth an exploration while you’re there. You are invited to jump on your bikes or take a stroll and with a great range of resident wildlife, you may be lucky enough to spot a variety of birds, deer and stunning insects on your journey.


The gardens will keep you occupied for the day, but if you are enticed by the stunning building then you are welcomed to browse through the rooms, admiring the stately home that is frozen in time. With a large collection of antique furniture, paintings and tapestries, the incredible objects on display all have a story to tell and offer an insight into the lives of previous residents of Grimthorpe Castle.


Claythorpe Watermill and Wildfowl Gardens

The 18th century watermill is surrounded by the idyllic Lincolnshire countryside and is home to some unexpected residents. With a trip to the watermill, you will be sharing the space with a diversity of wonderful birds and waterfowl. From peacocks, owls and pheasants to otters and wallabys. The picturesque windmill with the stunning garden as the backdrop is more than postcode worthy.


After a day spent admiring the animals, a refreshing lunch or drink can be enjoyed in the Claythorpe café, boasting meals made from local ingredients, the selection of mouth-watering choices are suitable for all tastes and members of the family.


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