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While you’re on your holiday breaks, it is great to discover and learn a little more about the history of the place you’re exploring. Learning the story of the area gives you an insight into the character of the destination and provides you with a little extra knowledge. Museums are a great place to start your discovery and with interactive displays, talks and workshops everyone will be engaged and captivated by the rich history.

Norfolk is world famous for the outstandingly beautiful Norfolk Broads, but it is also just a short 30-minute drive from the bustling and exciting city of Norwich, making it the only National Park in the UK with a city in it. Providing the best of both worlds for visitors and residents alike, you can enjoy the fusion city which has a mix of historical England and modern elements, to then hop on a boat and enjoy the tranquillity and freedom of the water.

Norwich is one of the most complete medieval cities in the UK and is dotted with castles and cathedrals that are visible from all over the city. The winding, cobbled and historical streets are lined with crooked buildings, offering picture perfect opportunities throughout.

The famous Norwich lanes are a shopper’s dream, with independent shops selling uncommon and stunning items. There are exceptional cafes and restaurants for that well-earned break, encouraging you to stop and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and music that fills the streets.


Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery

Norwich castle is a well-recognised landmark within the city; its domineering walls are visible from all over the city due to its elevated position and imposing walls. It is worth taking the time to not only admire the outside of the building, but take advantage of the tours within the walls. With a wealth of history and knowledge enclosed inside, you are sure to leave feeling as though you know more about the incredible city and the surrounding areas than you did before.

The structure was built as a royal palace over 900 hundred years ago, although no member of royalty ever ended up residing there. Instead, the building took many other functions, from a county gaol to a prison.

There are regular tours, events and workshops throughout the year, guaranteeing that your day spent here will be educational and exciting.


Strangers Hall

Strangers Hall is one of the oldest buildings in the city and, throughout history, was home to some of the wealthiest aristocrats of the time. Each room you pass through transports you to a different era of time, ranging from Tudor to Victorian and much more. The domestic life collections within each room give you an insight into the decorations, furnishings and day-to-day life of the time. Each room is presented as though the dweller has just popped out and will be returning soon, with interesting artefacts from that period placed around the home.


Museum of Norwich at the Bridewell

Discover the history of the city of Norwich and the industry it was built upon in the appropriate location of the Norwich Lanes. The Museum of Norwich provides an insight into the trade of the area and describes several individuals that were part of that history by showcasing personal belongings and understandings of their lives. The museum is engaging, with many interactive displays, changing exhibitions and regular talks, visitors are encaptivated by the interesting and detailed descriptions.

The intriguing building, that is steeped in history, once served as a correction house, and parts of the building that were used for this purpose are on occasion open to the public. The museum appears small from the outside, yet it will take a couple of house to wander around.


Museum of the Broads

Although this gem of a museum isn’t in the vibrant city of Norwich, it is worth mentioning if you’re spending time enjoying the glorious Broads and surrounding areas and are keen to know more about the history. The water system was handmade and the original purpose was for the extraction of peat during the 12th century. The waterways cover over 100-miles and are home to a range of stunning wildlife. The museum has regularly changing exhibits, about the boats used throughout history and the creation and use of the Norfolk Broads.


Is a trip to a museum on your holiday itinerary? Why not immerse yourself in Norfolk’s history on your next visit?