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If you want to leave behind the woes of everyday life behind and head off on a weekend break with your partner for a spa holiday, look no further than Norfolk. At Holidays For AllSeasons, we offer a range of themed weekend breaks, for both families and couples. A short getaway to a lovely UK location can be just what you need to refresh and relax after a hectic few weeks at work.

But why take a spa holiday? There are many benefits to reap from a weekend of just pampering and taking time out to take care of yourself. If you have never enjoyed spa treatments before, here are just some of the things you can look forward to, and the benefits you can gain from a spa holiday.

Target aches and pains

In today’s working world, there is a lot of time spent hunched over laptops and mobile phones, resulting in neck, shoulder and back pain. Therapeutic massage treatments can help ease tense muscular knots and let your body relax. Just let the masseuse know what areas you want to target to help ease the aches and pains in your body. 

Relax and destress

Spa holidays are never short of opportunities to relax and destress, and you can find yourself unwinding and finding a slower pace of life. Soaking in a hot tub, and sipping on ice cold water, is a great way to let your body relax and your mind drift. It is not just your body that will need to relax, but your mind too!

Be pampered

One of the most appealing aspects of a spa holiday is being pampered with various spa treatments. Slipping on a fluffy bathrobe and those slippers are the first steps to making you feel better. Letting someone else take care of things can relieve you of worries, so much so you will want a spa break almost every weekend!


There are a lot of things that take their toll on your skin – weather, stress, make-up, shaving, etc. Spa holidays provide you with the chance to rehydrate and rejuvenate your skin. Massage oils have various benefits, and facial treatments help cleanse your skin and leave you with a healthy glow. The spa you go to will also offer you the right creams, facials, and exfoliations to use at home that will keep your skin healthy.

Healthy lifestyle

You may be looking forward to just a massage and facial treatment on your spa themed weekend break, but leave with a new lease of life. Many spa holidays promote a healthy lifestyle, from what you eat to how you exercise. You can take part in yoga or Pilates and learn about the foods you should eat that cater to your diet and body type. Spa’s often offer smoothies and juicing diets to remove toxins and cleanse your body.

If you and your partner are looking for a weekend break of relaxing and spoiling yourselves, don’t hesitate to book a spa holiday with Holiday For AllSeasons now!