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This summer when on your foodie breaks, you are sure to want to pack up a delicious picnic and head out on a day trip. Whether you are exploring the gorgeous Suffolk countryside or lounging on a sandy beach for the day, a picnic is exactly what you need to help you get through the day.

However, we think you should branch out this year, forgetting about the usual sandwiches and mix up your picnic. There are loads of ideas to go for, but these have to be our favourites for this summer:

Potato Salad: 

A delicious potato salad is filling and will provide you with loads of energy for the day. Add herbs like dill and chives, some chopped spring onion and drizzle olive oil and vinaigrette over as a dressing. You can also add hard boiled eggs to add different flavours to the dish.

Healthy snacks:

It can be difficult to remember to stay healthy on holiday, but there are easy ways to make sure you are getting some of your five a day! Chop peppers, carrots, cucumber and celery into sticks, and whip up a dip using sour cream, herbs and seasoning. Bring a tub of cherry tomatoes too. These can be snacked on throughout the day and don’t cause much mess.

Pies, quiche and tarts:

A savoury pie is a great option for a summer picnic, as they are just as nice served cold as hot. There are loads of recipes to try out, from a classic chicken and leek or quiche Lorraine, but you can try something new, like summer greens and cream cheese pie, or leek and stilton pie. And if you don’t want the hassle of making the pastry, just go for the ready-made options you can get in shops.

Picnic paninis:

Load up on paninis from the supermarket, along with some wonderful fillings. It’s something a little different to the usual sandwich, and you can really think out of the box with what to put in. There is traditional ham and cheese, but fill it out with lettuce and tomato. Then there is a bacon and cream cheese, drizzled with some honey. You could go with pesto and chicken, or chorizo with sliced pear. Don’t be afraid to try something new, after all; this is a foodie break!

Sweet treats:

Of course, the best part of any meal is dessert, and you have to bring some sweet treats on a picnic too! Bake a brownie or blondie, which can easily be packed into a Tupperware, or go for some chocolate chip cookies. And if you want to include a healthy alternative, get strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, grapes, melon, mango and any other favourite fruits, wash them thoroughly and mix them up before putting them in a Tupperware, ready to take with you.

Refreshing drinks:

Of course, to accompany your picnic, you need a cool drink to refresh you! Try a sparkling blueberry or strawberry lemonade, or non-alcoholic pineapple mojito if you are feeling something fruity. If you want something really cool, try a frozen strawberry slushie, which will definitely help you on a hot summers’ day!

The gear:

A picnic is nothing without the gear you need for it! Remember a couple of picnic blankets, a sturdy basket or bag for keeping the plates, cups and cutlery in. A cool box is essential for keeping drinks and fruit and veg cold as you travel to your picnic destination. Why not also pack in a portable radio, or a Bluetooth speaker to connect to your phone so that you can have some music with you?