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With hectic lifestyles, busy work and school schedules and increased financial stress as a result of the economic climate, the reasons to skip the family holiday altogether this year seem to be plentiful. However, here at Holidays For AllSeasons, we think the advantages to taking a family holiday outweigh the disadvantages by a long way. Moreover, we don’t think you need to spend thousands on an all-inclusive cruise around the Mediterranean in order to reap the benefits. Make 2017 the year of the staycation, with a holiday to Norfolk, Suffolk or Lincolnshire where you can enjoy quality time together without the devastating effects on your wallets. We’ve put together a list of just some of the reasons you should think about booking one of our weekend breaks for families this year:

Reconnect with each other

When you embark upon a family holiday, you start the journey together, make some unforgettable memories as a family, and then finish together, reinstating the idea of a unit and reaffirming the sense of belonging for all involved. Trying new things is always exciting, but the feeling of enjoying an activity with the accompaniment of your son or daughter’s laughter is a feeling like no other, and will make cherished memories of this special time you spent together. Without the usual responsibilities eating away at your time, you will be able to spend more time interacting with your children, listening to what they have to say and watching them learn all about their new environment. It is often said that children develop at an almost alarming rate whilst on holiday, and exposed to all of their parent’s attention. Both adults and children will appreciate the change in scenery.


A holiday to somewhere you are fairly unfamiliar with makes you and your family explorers, ready to learn all about your new surroundings. Talk to the locals, try new foods, seek out local traditions and learn all about the history and culture of the region. Sharing this learning journey with brothers, sisters, mums and dads not only makes the whole process more fun, but also makes you more likely to remember it, as you can talk and reflect upon what you have learnt. This is particularly relevant for young children, who have been proven time and time again to develop at an increased pace when on holiday with parents and siblings. The same is true for adults, who may return to a stressful job after a couple of days away with a solution to a problem or the realisation that previous concerns simply weren’t worth worrying about.


Doctors have long-since recommended holidays in order to maintain mental and physical health amongst adults. Even just a few days away from it all can reduce your levels of stress tenfold and give you some well-deserved time for rest and relaxation with loved ones. Of course, travelling with a family can also be stressful, which is why a staycation comes highly recommended! Leave the passports, currency changes and language barriers for another time, as you can bundle into the car and head straight to your destination of choice without the soul-destroying process of lengthy queues at border control. Sure, it would be nice to relax in the sun, but aside from the weather, what does the Maldives have that Norfolk and Suffolk can’t offer? At the end of the holiday, kids are likely to flourish in school whilst adults will reap in the benefits of a few days to clear their head. You will all return from your time away feeling rejuvenated, recharged and connected, ready to tackle whatever life may throw at you in the upcoming weeks.

Escaping the norm

At times, the same mundane routine can feel as though your life is scripted, lacking adventure and spontinuity. At home, there is always a list of daily chores that need to be done. Then there’s the reserve list of chores that you save for whenever you have a bit of spare time left over. Then there’s the reserve reserve list, that quite frankly will never get a look in, but the thought is there at least. The point is, you can never fully escape the burden of responsibilities at home unless you physically leave the home for a few days. On holiday, schedules are thrown out the window and thankfully, take along the arduous chores and tasks with them.   

Whatever you decide to do for your family holiday this year, just make sure that you have one! Whilst many believe the added expense of a holiday during a time of economical hardship is too much, there are many ways you can cut back on everyday luxuries to reach the desired funds in no time. By opting for a staycation, you allow yourselves all the health and lifestyle benefits of a holiday abroad without the added stress of travelling abroad. Check out our range of fantastic themed breaks for families and book your weekend away today!