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Holidays should be a time to relax and revive yourselves, but all too often people come away feeling equally as stressed and tired, as they’ve not really thought about what they really need to recharge. Don’t let your holiday be counterproductive; it can be easy to get caught in the moment of things and you come home feeling as though you need a holiday to get over your holiday. Our tips will help you unwind on holiday, so you leave feeling refreshed.


Organise Work Before You Go

Being organised with your work before you head off on holiday will make relaxing while you’re away that bit easier. Try not to schedule project deadlines too close to your departure day, as it can cause unnecessary stress if tasks aren’t completed on time and you aren’t there to help with finishing things off. Also, put the extra effort in before you leave to ensure all your emails and answerphone messages have been checked and replied to. Then, get one of your colleagues to keep an eye and reply on your behalf during the time you’re away. This will prevent you from checking in while you are on holiday, as you’ll know it will all be under control, in safe hands and you won’t have too much to catch up on when you return.


Switch Off

For many of us, the idea of switching off our phones and laptops off can cause more anxiety than the actual practice. So, if this is you, maybe leave this one out. But for others, being disconnected for a few hours or even a few days can be liberating and truly help you relax.


Spa Treatments

There is nothing like a spa treatment to lessen the stress and let you unwind. Whether you’d like a facial, a full body massage or a stint in the sauna, a spa treatment is a key ingredient to rejuvenation. 


Gentle Walk Outdoors

We aren’t talking about hiking the entirety of Snowdonia here. Instead, an hour or two gently meandering around a beautiful spot with no time or distance goal, or even a destination goal, means you can fully enjoy the stunning location you’re in, get some fresh air and stretch your legs. 


Take the Time to Cook Something Special

Holidays are a time for indulgence, so treat yourself to your favourite meal, including a starter and maybe even a delicious dessert! Cooking can be an enjoyable and therapeutic activity when you aren’t rushing to get it done after a manic day at work.


Get Active

Although the idea of doing something active or sporty while you’re on holiday may not initially sound relaxing, the benefits to your mind and body will leave you feeling refreshed. Being active increases your brain’s dopamine production, which is what you need to feel happy! Exercise and a little exhaustion afterwards will also guarantee a good night’s sleep. 


Read a Book

Whether it’s a trashy one, or a classic novel, being immersed in a book lets you forget what’s going on around you for a little while; it takes you on an adventure from the comfort of your seat.


If we aren’t selective, short breaks for families can become a list of destinations and attractions, with you having the aim of cramming everything into a short space of time so you don’t feel like you’re missing out on anything. Rather than filling your schedule, give yourself a couple of go-with-the-flow days, so you can really relax; have a lie-in, take a long shower, or maybe even watch something on the TV. You could even jump in the car and see where you end up after an hour or so - it may surprise you want adventures you find without planning or anticipating them. Worry less about what you should be doing, and think more about what you feel like doing. If that’s lazing about the place, that’s equally as okay and important as spending the day sightseeing.


What is your ideal relaxation activity? We’d love to hear your tips via our social media channels.