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According to leading child psychologists, parents in Britain should be spending more on holidays and less on expensive gifts, gadgets and gizmos for their children. Britain has the second-highest annual spend on toys in the world, spending an average of £508 a year per child. For larger families, this will soon add up to a remarkable amount of money, that could get you a lot further in staycations and even holidays abroad.

This summer, worry less about whether you’ll be able to bag the latest inexplicably expensive Lego model and more about what kinds of activities you and your children want to do on holiday. Whilst a child will never remember sitting inside playing with pretend figures in the land of make belief, they’ll never forget a family holiday to the seaside, where they first went crabbing. Holidays are a much more lasting experience that they can enjoy in the moment, and look back on in later life with fond memories – making it the obvious way to spend your money in a more meaningful way.

Despite the materialistic tendencies of everyday life in the 21st century, it has been proven time and time again that adults appreciate real-life experiences more than consumerist products. Children are no different and will value the time spent together and attention they receive on holiday much more than a new toy, in the long run at least. 

One of the biggest obstacles facing parents who wish to travel with their younger ones is finding a suitable destination and range of activities that can be enjoyed by all. So many things that come with a holiday, including history, culture and learning, is often seen to be boring for children, but we must remember that they see the world differently, and will always find ways to entertain themselves. Most places accommodate for visitors of a younger generation, providing treasure trails, activity books and child-focused performances to make learning a more fun experience during your time away.

With a range of complicated, stressful exam systems and mounting social pressures, children deserve a break from real-life strains just as much as adults need time off work to relax. Whilst toys can give children a creative outlet, they are becoming increasingly technological, putting distance between each other as someone becomes lost in a virtual reality within the confinements of their bedrooms.

Some are, understandably, put off the idea of travelling with children because of the additional stresses incurred. One fool-proof way to solve this issue is by opting for a staycation. Holidays taken here in the UK allow you to spend time together as a family, trying new things in new places without long-haul flights, confusing currencies and language barriers getting in the way.

Holidays are, after all, all about spending time together, giving you a chance to reconnect as a family and create long-lasting memories in the process. Short breaks away make room for the rare opportunity of prolonged periods of playfulness with parents, without housework, business or other social distractions getting in the way. Crucial experiences on holiday such as sharing treats with siblings, playing word games in the car journey and taking into account each other’s interests and priorities.

If you’ve been persuaded into putting toy expenditure on hold and opting for a staycation instead, why not check out our weekend breaks for families? We have a variety of family-friendly holiday options which allow you to make the most out of your weekend across several parks in Suffolk, Norfolk and Lincolnshire.