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Fresh research highlights the fact that an overwhelming 25 million Brits are set to choose a holiday in the UK, including the themed staycation.

It’s undeniable that the growing staycation trend occurred in 2015, with 7% (4.5 million) more people selecting a staycation as their preferred holiday of choice. Additionally, the study states the average staycationer is forecasted to spend £686 on their holiday, a 55% rise on the previous years when £442 was the average.

For many people, cost is an ever-present factor that ultimately sees people opting to avoid a holiday abroad, with overseas breaks simply costing too much, with 18% of the survey population confirming this. A further 16% stated that staycations were a better choice in terms of value for money instead of heading for foreign shores. But it was actually people lust for exploring the things that the UK has to offer as their main reason for wanting to go away on a staycation that was the main factor, with 32% of respondents claiming this as their reason for UK breaks.

A quarter of respondents stated that they had a holiday in the countryside on the agenda for 2016, which is an upturn of 5% on last year. Beach holidays came not far behind the countryside as a favourite destination, with 19% of Brits saying this was their desired choice.

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