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Staycations are continuing to grow in popularity, and can often prove to be just as relaxing and fun as a holiday abroad. As holidays can be very busy, with all the planning and packing, a holiday a little closer to home can relieve you of all the stress – as long as you remember these dos and don’ts!

Do plan a few things

Even if you have been to the area before, it is always best to plan a few things before you go. Part of the enjoyment of a holiday is spending time with your loved ones, but you should avoid doing activities you can easily do at home. Make the most of the new surroundings and the different attractions at your disposal.

Do try something for everyone

Though the kids will love spending a day at the beach, that activity might not be enjoyed as much as the older people in the family. Ask what everyone in the family wants to do, and plan for everyone’s expectations. By making the staycation special for everyone, then the holiday will be a happy experience to look back on.

Do eat out

Though the holiday parks offer self-catering, it is always good fun to eat out and try the local cuisine. In places like Suffolk and Norfolk, seafood is a common appearance on the menus. Don’t be afraid to try something new – like Norfolk crab!

Do take lots of photos

You might have only travelled a couple of hours to get to your staycation destination, but that doesn’t mean you should not treat it like a normal holiday. Get snap happy, take lots of photos, put them in an album when you get home, and share the best ones across social media.

Don’t check in with work

Though you are still in the country, you should still leave work behind. Turn off the work email notifications and ignore the work calls when you are spending time with family. A holiday is meant to be a time to relax and destress from normal life, so resist the temptation to stay in ‘work mode’.

Don’t splash out too much or be too thrifty

A staycation can save you hundreds of pounds, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend anything when on holiday, you still want to enjoy your holiday! On the other hand, because you have saved on travel and hotels, doesn’t mean you should splash out on every other aspect of the holiday. Keep within your means.

Don’t be put off by bad weather

Of course, the unpredictable British weather is the biggest risk to a UK themed staycation, but don’t let that put you off having an amazing time. If it is raining, head to some indoor attractions such as museums, go bowling or watch a movie. When the sun is shining, be sure to make the most of it too - get the kids off the iPad and outdoors!