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It may not be until next month, but if you are on one of our short breaks for families then you won’t want to miss it. We are of course talking about National Apple Day.

The annual event occurs on October 21st, which falls on a Friday this year, is a wonderful way for people all over the UK to enjoy the humble fruit. There are all kinds of ways to celebrate, and you can be sure to get hold of some juicy ones right here in East Anglia too! So if you are looking to join in the festivities then why not take advantage of three of our favourite ways to benefit from apples? 

Playing games 

If you have young children with you, one of the ways you can get them involved is to play some apple-themed games? You could let them gave a go at apple bobbing, a game that isn’t reserved for Halloween we might add! Or why not get the little ones to help you with some cooking as well, perhaps while making an apple pie? When peeling the apples, you could see who has the longest apple peel? The list is endless, and these are just a couple ideas you can try.


Adding to the idea of cooking, why not make your own apple sauce? Or a delicious, classic apple crumble? If you are looking for a little help on how to make a crumble, renowned chef Raymond Blanc has a super recipe that features both apples and blackberries, which you can find here


Saving our personal favourite until last, the drinking of apples! With the prevalence of freshly made juices available at farmer’s markets and local stalls, this is a flavorsome way to celebrate National Apple Day.

However, we couldn’t go without mentioning the drinks reserved just for the adults; cider. Today, we can find amazing providers of ciders all over the country and East Anglia is no different. We’d suggest sampling a drop from Whin Hill Norfolk Cider Company if you were looking to try something locally sourced.

These are just three of ways that you can enjoy the apples, but there are sure to be plenty of other ways that you can be inspired by our suggestions so that you can enjoy National Apple Day!