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We all want to have the best time on our vacations, and clearly, our UK getaways are a sure bet for a splendid break, but should you want to discover three tips that are scientifically proven to assist in creating a happy family holiday, take a look below:


The holiday build up

It’s very infrequent that you will come across anyone who isn’t excited about going on holiday, even more so when it comes to the younger members of the family.  So keep them enthused and give them something to focus on before you’ve even gotten on holiday by creating a countdown calendar. You can fill it with all sorts of things to see and do, such as our themed holiday activities.

The scientific research to follow this up with was carried out by Dutch experts who confirmed that people with an improved sense of positive anticipation prior to a vacation were able to benefit from a greater number of feel-good hormones, during AND after their time away.


Picture perfect

Getting snap-happy might make you seem like that cliché holiday maker, but be assured that taking pictures is a certified way to capture memories that can never be erased. Let the camera go crazy while you’re away, and get pictures of everything, from natural moments, to poses, and all the rest that you can possibly think of because photographs are great references in years to come!

The University of Southern California presented research that showed by taking lots of photos while holidaying, respondents enjoyed more happiness, which then went on to endure longer, after their holidays, when compared to people who opted to take fewer snaps, or none at all. Furthermore, happiness stayed with people after their time away as well as during their holiday thanks to looking back on pictures. Access to a camera in some form is simple these days so everyone and anyone can get capturing with little effort. Get as many shots as you can, you can always delete the ones you don’t want!


Outside is where the happiness is

There has been an abundance of studies on this, even recently, and the facts are quite easy to comprehend; being outside is a major factor in making people happy.

So if we take the aforementioned fact on board then it seems only logical to head out for some clean, fresh air, a decent dose of vitamin D and a plethora of good times to give you the best possible chance of happiness! Aim for the countryside or the coast as it was found that the seaside locations especially were catalysts for the highest levels of happiness in people.