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The UK is renowned for its wealth of history and its plethora of vibrant, accessible locations, a staycation in the UK has been ranked number one in a study for those heading on a solo trip this winter.

According to TourBar, a travel dating website and app, 9.6% of UK members are planning to travel solo within their home country. The predominant winter break activities featured viewing the festive decorations, taking a winter walk, and enjoying a jolly night out.

A wintry break, such as our special occasion holidays, to get way from the tedium of home was cited as the most popular reason for escaping on a solo trip among younger travellers. Some 33% of those who have registered winter travel plans through TourBar are aged 25 – 34 years old, with a further 28% aged 35 – 44 years old. Looking deeper into the research, it was established that the majority (65%) of those planning to travel by themselves this winter are male.

Below is the list of top countries and for UK travellers this winter:

  1. UK – 9.6%       

  2. Thailand – 8.5%

  3. USA – 8.4%

  4. Australia – 6.6%         

  5. Spain – 6.6%

  6. India – 3.6%

  7. Italy – 3.3%

  8. New Zealand – 2.5%

  9. France – 2.4%

  10. Philippines – 2.3%