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Our fantastic outdoor activity breaks offer all kinds of fun for visitors, but what can you actually do while staying at our parks?

Our watersports break offers the chance to do four different kinds of sport, and here they all are!


Get out on the water in a kayak and paddle your way around the Norfolk and Suffolk coastline. Our kayaks come with all equipment including wetsuits, paddles and spraydecks so you can stay safe on the water even if you end up in the surf.

If you don’t fancy heading out to the open sea, then you can head inland and paddle along the Norfolk Broads.


Isn’t canoeing the same as kayaking, I hear you ask? The answer is no.

Kayaking involves sitting in an enclosed boat usually made of plastic, while canoeing sees people take to the water in an open topped boat usually made of wood, which is also normally larger than a kayak.

These are better suited to calmer waters than kayaks and make for a great way to explore the Norfolk waterways.


If paddling around and doing all the work of powering the vessel yourself sounds too much like hard work, then why not try sailing? We’re lucky enough to have our own marina with plenty of qualified sailing instructors, so you can head out to sea and let the wind do the work for you.


Again, this is slightly different to the previous option. Sailing involves getting on the water in a yacht, but what we mean by boating is heading down the calm waters of Norfolk’s interior on a luxurious canal boat, equipped with a kitchen so you can enjoy lunch and a spot of tea while cruising along.

The barges also have sun decks, so this is by far the most relaxing way to enjoy a nautical adventure with us.