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Lincolnshire is a great place for food, due to its agricultural routes, long coastline and many breweries. When you are enjoying your long weekend breaks, UK, in Lincolnshire, be sure to indulge a little and discover the best food Lincolnshire has to offer

Award-winning chippies

Start off with a traditional British dish, fish and chips! Eating the yummy food, wrapped in paper, on the beach, or in restaurant surroundings, Lincolnshire has several award-winning chippies to choose from, such as Monty’s and Saltys in Mablethorpe, close to our holiday park.

Ice cream

Another typical British summertime treat is ice cream, and Lincolnshire’s home-made ice cream is pretty good! You can try some of the more unusual flavours such as champagne and apple pie along with the ever-popular vanilla. Try Dennett’s, a family run company that has been around in Lincolnshire since 1926. Several shops and cafes sell it, including the Lincolnshire Co-operative.


Lincolnshire sausages are popular across the country – there is even an annual festival held in Lincoln dedicated to their deliciousness! Its unique flavour, created by adding sage, is what makes the sausages stand out. The county is also renowned for its red beef, pork, lamb and pork pies.


The bright green sea vegetable has been harvested from the salt marshes that border The Wash, in the south of Lincolnshire, for many years. It is regarded as a delicacy, and when staying near the coast, it is a must eat, with its crisp texture and tastes of the sea. Similar to asparagus, it is best steamed over a pan and served with melted butter.


Lincolnshire has lots of prime farming land, growing a fifth of the country’s sugar beet, 12% of the potato crop and 30% of field vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, carrots and peas. No matter where you choose to dine out in Lincolnshire, you are guaranteed the vegetables that land on your plate are seasonal and locally grown – and that much more delicious!


Lincolnshire doesn’t want to miss out on the cheese front either, and there are a few kinds of cheese special to the county. Lincolnshire Poacher and Smoked poacher are hard cheeses, with a smooth texture. There is also the Cote Hill blue cheese, similar to a blue brie with a slight sharpness. Why not buy some to take home after your weekend away?

Home brews

The best accompaniment to all that good grub is a good beer. Lincolnshire produces some of the best ales in the country, and with a rise in popularity for craft beers, it is a great place to head to for a weekend. Try the Cheeky Imp ale, from Lincolnshire Brewing Co or stouts, ales and beers from Batemans Brewery.  

image credit: Andrew Dunn