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Heading off for themed breaks can only mean one thing; lots of photographs! There’s an argument to say that you can’t take enough pictures when you’re on holiday, and we’re inclined to believe this, as you can always delete the ones you aren’t keen on, but you can’t take them once you’ve gone.

So when it comes to capturing some pictures that you can be proud of this summer, why not take a look at these handy tips and come home with the ultimate family photos ever?

Don’t be the ‘missing person’ in pictures

Ok, so forgetting the selfie, this is a problem that many families are faced with when it comes to taking group pictures at any time, not just on holiday. There’s always the one person (usually mum or dad) who takes the pictures and is therefore the ‘missing person’ in all the snaps when you get home to show your friends. When we think about it, it’s pretty easy to neglect this person, so this time around, make this is the holiday that includes everyone. It’s easy to get a timer going on your phone or camera to get an all-inclusive snap of you all together.

Get that light right

Summer months should, with any luck, provide you with some ideal natural lighting which you can use to your advantage, because if you’re after a photo that’s going to be ‘just so’, then the having the right lighting on your side can be pivotal. Best options are to avoid having the main focus of the image directly in front of a strong light in the background. As we’re mainly talking about family photos, you should be looking to have people’s faces facing the light (behind the camera).

Get your angles right

Do your best not to take pictures of people when you are looking down at them. You’re far better off going for eye level as the preferred option. If you are taking pictures of the children, or people in wheelchairs, or even pets, then try kneeling down. By doing so, you’ll give your pictures a more dynamic result, giving you those memorable snaps. 

Your phone might be best

There’s no getting away from the fact that smartphones and their camera tech are pretty nifty these days, so it’s not always such a bad thing to make use of the quality available to you. There’s nothing quite like taking pictures on a real camera, but phones are great for getting the images in a moment that you’d have otherwise missed by trying to get your camera out.

Be spontaneous

Just be spontaneous! Impulsive shots can be the best ones you’ll ever take. It’s a sure thing that some of the best photos ever taken are, and always will be, captured when you just get the camera going during a moment of laughter, for example. The more natural the better.

Just think about how lovely action shots look that accurately illustrate the feeling and emotion at that very moment.