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Now that the long summer days are coming to a close, the skies darken earlier on, and provide you with a fantastic opportunity to venture out and gaze at the stars. Norfolk is known for its beautifully open skies; these can be seen from a walk on the beach to a stroll through one of the lovely little towns. During the night times however, this sky is something particularly special, and if you head out to an area where the light pollution is at a minimum, you are in for an absolute treat. Take a look at our guide below to having a magical star gazing experience this Autumn:

Where to go

The Norfolk coast is usually the best place to go to find your perfect stargazing spot, with Sheringham, Cromer and Happisburgh all named as great places to see the night sky. This can make for a very romantic evening activity, or a great short family break UK activity for you to all enjoy together. Who knows, maybe having a group of you might be helpful to spot the brightest stars in the sky! Alternatively, you can find your own stargazing spot on an adventure around Norfolk, all you need to do is look for an open area with little light pollution from buildings and street lights, such as publicly accessible fields which you may find on an outdoor walk.

Keeping Warm

During the Autumn and Winter months, you will need to wrap up to head out star gazing. Make sure you have enough clothing to keep yourself warm for at least an hour or so, you don’t want to have to cut your trip short due to feeling the cold. Jackets, scarves and gloves are perfect for this. Bring along a few blankets to make yourself extra cosy, this will also make your seat more comfortable, particularly if you are just opting to sit on the ground.

Another way to keep yourself warm is to bring a flask filled with hot chocolate, tea or coffee and keep the heat flowing through your body from the inside. Bring along a few snacks to accompany this as a tasty little treat to indulge in as you watch the magnificent sky.

Spotting the stars

To get the most out of your star gazing experience, we recommend taking a little time before hand to research a few constellations to see which ones you can pick out in the deep night sky. Bring along a handy guide if you want to take the time to map out the stars more accurately. This makes the journey more rewarding when you manage to pick out the well-known patterns. If you want to get involved a little further, then get in touch with the Norwich Astronomical Society, the team of experts will offer you great advice, and if you’re lucky, they may even have a public event on at their observatory!

Enjoy the awesome views and take this time to fully relax, this is a great way to spend your evenings in Norfolk, particularly if you’ve had an action packed day!