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If you have ever visited the region for Suffolk golf holidays, you may well have experienced some of the wonderful restaurants in the area. One popular establishment has just announced that it is actively seeking someone to fill the role of "gin butler", an enviable job, don’t you think?

The person who fills the role should have a minimum of three years' experience of drinking the spirit, it has been stated.

The business in question is owned by Andrew Kettlewell, who said he wanted to find a "different calibre" of staff.

Mr Kettlewell, owner of the Redherring in Lowestoft has said that he is looking for a "culturally-refined individual" who "feels the love" for the spirit.

The "gin butler" title was conjured up by Mr Kettlewell as means of attracting more people to a position that is a little different and quirky. It’s worked well so far and has attracted more than 35 applicants.

By the end of the first week in October, in excess of 900 people had viewed the advert online, as they seek to discover someone who is a "natural entertainer who loves gin".

Mr Kettlewell said: "We require three years or more experience as new age drinkers only see the gin boom as the norm, whereas experienced 'gin swillers' will understand that only a few years ago, everyone just associated Gordon's as pretty much the sole gin company and have seen it develop."

If someone were to apply who is not quite the gin connoisseur, then hope is not lost, with Mr Kettlewell saying, if “for example, a 'rum butler' applies, that's not a problem at all and they could probably teach us something too".

If you want to visit or even apply, the restaurant bar has around 50 artisan gins and offers keen libation enthusiasts with a "gin club" which is held twice a month.