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The Woodland Trust has confirmed that over the course of the next nine years, they will plant 64 million trees across the UK, which will represent a tree for each person in the country.

15 million trees will be planted in cities and towns. Schools, partners and local communities, will also be involved and there will also be 20 million trees in the countryside through working with farmers and local authorities alike.

There’s also going to be 29 million more trees to be planted in a range of different locations through partnerships with the Government, businesses, and landowners.

Ikea and Sainsbury’s have been behind similar initiatives, previously. During the course of the last 10 years, Sainsbury’s has ensured the planting of 2.5 million trees, as well as also offering out free trees to hundreds of UK schools. Ikea has too been part of the tree planting movement, providing funding for one million trees that were given to local communities as part of a collaboration with the Woodland Trust and the free tree pack initiative.

These schemes will go a long way towards helping the wildlife and nature in the UK, which, in some areas, are struggling to cope with modernisation. Additionally, the planting of 64 million trees will give us a positive impact on our lives, through creating places that people can and want to live, work, and enjoy holidays too, such as short breaks for families!

Image: Glyn Baker under Creative Commons.